Cold Lake Public Library

There are two branches of the Cold Lake Public Library.

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The North Branch at 1301 8th Ave and the South Branch at 5513 B 48th St.

Library cards are free. Replacement cards are 2.00 each

You can sign up at either branch in Cold Lake by showing proof of residency and ID

With your library card you can borrow:

  • books
  • DVDs including TV series
  • magazines
  • digital books and so much more

You can also borrow Home Resource Materials including:

  1. children's educational toys
  2. keyboard
  3. metal detector
  4. gardening and yard tools

Meet Our Turtle, China

I don't think I'll be able to help you find that.
—No librarian, ever.

South Branch Library

North Branch Library

Two of our Podcasts:

Libraries Animals Podcast:

CFS Dana Podcast:

Library Humour

Reasons We Love the Library

Reasons We Love Our Patrons

Reasons We Love Our Community

          It's fun to browse the stacks!

They recommend great books!

                     Cold Lake is beautiful!

          We have more than just books!

          They are generous with their donations!

Friendly citizens!